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About RiverCircle

  • RiverCircle Investments was founded in 2021 with a mission to impact Asia’s most promising small-cap listed companies.

  • We actively seek out well-run enterprises via an intensively hands-on process and help them navigate their journey as young companies.

  • We strive for performance and take pride in impacting the companies we invest in, our investors, employees and the world.

Our passion is discovering multi-baggers

We seek the quiet confidence that comes from doing the work to develop a deep understanding of the companies in which we invest.


We think like venture capitalists

We are not just looking for companies that are well-priced and have growth potential. We seek out true multi-baggers which must be well-run, be in the right space and have the right competitive strategy.


We invest like PE funds

Once we have conviction, we are not afraid to take big positions in companies we like. For us, investing is a collaboration and we, as owners, have a responsibility to do everything in our power to nurture our investee companies; to add value, to accelerate growth and to seek synergies that will help them realize their full potential.


We understand the big picture

Small-cap investing requires an ability to manage risk. We understand the macro environment and employ proven strategies to mitigate the risks associated with small-cap investing.

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